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Andrew Goldberg Discusses Post-Pandemic Talent Retention and Firm Culture with Chicago Lawyer Magazine


Laner Muchin’s Managing Partner Andrew Goldberg shared insights on the post-pandemic labor market, including trends in law firm hiring, runaway salaries and retaining talented attorneys with Chicago Lawyer Magazine.

Post-pandemic hiring across the legal market grew at unprecedented levels, especially in 2022, and was accompanied by exorbitant increases in salary to attract talent at the mega-firms across the country. As some engaged in a costly war to appeal to laterals moving within the industry, Laner focused inward on firm culture and strategic efforts to retain and develop talent already in-house.

“Big law firms are acting in a short-sighted way, trying to grab as many people as they can with expanding salaries,” said Andy. “Our people have all stayed with us, looking very much forward to that new chapter in our firm’s existence.”

The ripple effects of COVID-19 caused many businesses to shift their focus onto matters outside of their typical direct labor and employment issues, including helping clients with more general business and commercial issues. In response to their needs, Laner attorneys have pivoted to broaden the scope of their services to assist clients with their unique and complex issues. The firm has supported their attorneys and staff as they focus on their professional and personal development while realizing this goal. “We give our lawyers a lot of autonomy in terms of what they do and how they do it in managing their own practices.”

As big law continues to grapple with hiring issues and external forces affecting salary demands, Andy illustrates an environment focused on matching the firm’s lawyers’ skills to their interests while nurturing flexibility and independence in their daily work for firm clients.

Read more on Andy’s analysis in Chicago Lawyer Magazine.

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