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Our clients are located throughout the United States, in Canada, Mexico, and in a number of European and Asian countries. They employ from 2 to over 100,000 employees. We represent such diverse clients as manufacturing companies, banks, hospitals and health care facilities, computer and data processing service firms, communications companies, hotels, construction firms, distribution firms, mines and real estate investment companies. Our clients include municipalities, a major league baseball team, an NBA basketball team, large public universities, public television stations, a classical music radio station, major national manufacturers, one of the world's largest restaurant chains, a broad range of charitable and not-for-profit organizations and a number of the country’s largest insurance companies.

Many of our original clients are still with us, and we have served most of our clients for more than ten years. At the outset, many clients were extremely small but they have grown substantially, some to a point where their workforces number in the thousands. Our own growth has kept pace with, and is largely the result of, the growth of our clients. That is why we value our relationships not only with larger clients but also with those small clients just starting out on the road to success. 

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