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Workplace Intelligence: What We Do And How We Do It

Workplace Intelligence is Laner Muchin’s unique and comprehensive approach to the practice of labor and employment law. It is the result of 70 years of experience in the field that has been passed down from the Firm’s founders to our newest attorneys.

Workplace Intelligence is much more than the practice of employment law; it reflects our keen understanding of the realities of the American workplace and the needs of corporate and public officials. It means translating complex laws and regulations into thoughtful, real-world solutions. It means helping our clients address their daily challenges within the workplace, as well as in matters before courts or government agencies in ways which reflect a complete command of the law as well as the unique business needs of each client.

We provide Workplace Intelligence to our clients through our unwavering commitment to the following core values, principles that ensure a level of service and responsiveness far beyond the mere delivery of the highest quality legal advice:

Understanding how we fit into the big picture. Our clients view us as business partners and problem solvers. They rely on us to provide creative, cost-effective solutions that enable them to prevent costly employment claims, whenever possible. This allows them to focus on achieving their organizational goals and objectives. We also understand that when faced with employment litigation, our clients count on us to provide thoughtful strategies that are consistent with their philosophical and financial objectives.

Unparalleled responsiveness. The Firm’s Two-Hour Commitment, whereby we guarantee to return every client telephone call within Two Hours. Period.® is unheard of in the legal profession. We typically exceed this level of service because we understand that the best advice is of no value unless it is provided when needed.

24/7 availability. The exigencies of the workplace require that our schedules fit the needs of our clients. Our clients operate around the clock in many instances and across multiple time zones, and workplace problems and issues can arise at any time of the day or night without warning. We accept the responsibility for working whenever our clients need us to ensure that these problems and issues result in the minimum possible distraction to their operations.

A willingness to get our hands dirty. Labor and employment law is not a “white gloves” pursuit. Frequently, we find ourselves side-by-side with our clients on the plant floor, at a construction site or walking an assembly line. We not only accept this as part of our daily work, we relish it. It is these experiences that help us forge strong and long-lasting bonds with our clients and develop a deep understanding of their employees.

Always going the extra mile. We recognize that our clients have many options when selecting their legal services providers. That is why simply meeting client expectations falls far short of our expectations for ourselves. Rather, we endeavor to go the extra mile on each case or project so as to always exceed expectations in quality, timeliness and efficiency.

A keen awareness of the power of diversity. The Firm’s deep commitment to diversity is reflected in our personnel and the awards we have received. Our own diverse workforce enables us to better understand the needs and perspectives of people from varied backgrounds and cultures who populate our clients’ workplaces and to more effectively address the employment issues that arise in those workplaces.   

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