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Laner Muchin has been engaged in representing public and private sector employers in collective bargaining for over 70 years, and our negotiators have  countless years of cumulative bargaining experience.  Typically, we act as the chief spokesperson for our clients at the bargaining table. 

Our role in the bargaining process includes assisting our clients in researching and developing information, creating and implementing bargaining strategies, drafting proposals and agreements, assisting with employee communications and public relations issues.  In those extremely rare instances where the bargaining process results in a work stoppage, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to help keep their operations running smoothly and minimize the impact on their bottom lines. 

Our goal is always to help bring about a prompt resolution without adverse consequences to employee relations. Over the years, the Firm has developed outstanding working relationships with every major union, both locally and across the nation.


Below are representative examples of the types of collective bargaining services we provide Laner Muchin clients:  

Researching and developing information to help formulate and support our clients’ positions at the bargaining table

Working with our clients to create a bargaining strategy and implementing that strategy at the bargaining table

Serving as chief spokesperson on behalf of our clients in bargaining

Drafting proposals during negotiations and the final agreement upon completion of bargaining

Assisting our clients in employee communications and public relations through all aspects of the bargaining process

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