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Although the Firm’s labor negotiators have an outstanding record of settling negotiations without strikes or other interruptions of operations, such situations do arise on occasion where the parties are unable to resolve their differences at the bargaining table.  In those instances, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to continue operations during the dispute with minimal disruption to operations and/or damage to long-term labor-management relations. 

Our efforts in this regard include employee communications, operational/logistical advice, public relations, mediations and legal actions designed to limit or terminate illegal strikes.  We also continue to work with our clients and union representatives throughout the dispute to find solutions to resolve the underlying issues.


Below are representative samples of the types of labor dispute services we provide Laner Muchin clients:

Providing advice and guidance to our clients during the course of negotiations to prepare for a potential work stoppage.

Draft communications to employees before, during and after the labor dispute that effectively communicate our clients’ position while maintaining the best employee relations possible under the circumstances.

Providing operational and logistical advice to help our clients minimize disruptions totheir operations.

Train management personnel on permissible and prohibited conduct during a labor dispute.

Represent our clients before the National Labor Relations Board in the event unfair labor practices are committed by the union and defend our clients in the event the union alleges our client has engaged in unfair labor practices during labor dispute.

Represent our clients in legal actions to limit or terminate unlawful strikes.

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