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Our attorneys provide clients with support and strategic advice from a labor and employment law perspective in connection with the need to close a plant or undertake a significant reduction in force.  We advise when a potential action will trigger compliance requirements with state, local or national plant closing laws, including the Workers Adjustment Retraining and Notification Act (“WARN”). 

We also help clients structure such actions so as to avoid triggering compliance obligations.  When an action will require compliance with any plant closing or mass layoff law, we draft and/or review notices required by WARN and similar state laws.


Below is a representative sample of the types of services we provide our clients in connection with plant closings, mass layoffs and WARN Act compliance:

Structuring reductions in force to avoid falling under state and federal plant closing/mass layoff laws.

Assessing when a proposed series of reductions would fall under plant closing/mass layoff laws.

Negotiating with union representatives regarding the decision to close or effects of plant closings/mass reductions.

Crafting the notices required to be sent to state and local governments, employees and union officials to comply with state and federal plant closing/mass layoff laws.

Inserting language in stock or asset purchase agreements to apportion responsibility for complying with WARN and related laws.

Our attorneys have successfully provided these services to clients across the country, involving a diverse industries and a multitude of scenarios, ranging from closures of plants, layoffs, combining workforces upon mergers or acquisitions or for other business reasons and in sale situations as well.

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