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Laner Muchin attorneys represent clients in all aspects of the arbitration process, including selection of the arbitrator, preparation for the hearing and trying and briefing the case.  Our attorneys have tried countless arbitrations in both the public and private sector involving contract interpretation cases, “just cause” disciplinary cases and interest arbitration cases. This includes cases in every industry grouping across the country and government entities throughout Illinois.


Below are representative samples of the types of labor arbitration services we provide Laner Muchin clients:

Representing employers in labor arbitrations, including developing an effective arbitration strategy consistent with the client’s business objectives.

Selecting an arbitrator that we believe will be a fair arbiter of the dispute, which includes tapping into our vast internal database and personal experiences relating to the pool of potential arbitrators.

Preparing and presenting witnesses at the arbitration hearing, including assuming primary responsibility for preparing all post-hearing briefs and arguments.

Researching and preparing data supporting our clients’ positions in interest arbitration.

Wherever necessary, appeal unfavorable decisions to court, when doing so is in our clients’ best interests.

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