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An employer’s policies and procedures are essential to defining the working relationship with its employees. Our attorneys review and draft handbooks, policies and procedures for employers of all sizes. 

Not only do we review policies and procedures for compliance with the ever changing employment laws, regulations and ordinances, but we work with our clients to ensure that the policies and procedures are consistent with the organization’s goals and culture.


Below are samples of the types of services we provide our clients in connection with the review and drafting of handbooks, policies and procedures:

Review employers’ existing handbooks and policies and update for compliance with the latest laws, regulations and ordinances.

Identify recommended policies which may be missing.

For employers who do not have a handbook or written policies, draft policies that are not only compliant, but sensitive to the client’s operational needs.

For clients with locations in more than one state, draft surveys and/or conduct multi state research on the nuances of state and local law.

Assist clients in creating policies which will serve as a strong legal defense in the event of an employee claim .

Review or prepare policies which:

* communicate the client’s expectations for employee behavior and detail the reporting procedures

* help educate employees about the employer, its history, values, mission and strategies moving forward

* inform employees of their benefits including holidays, vacation, health insurance, retirement plans, leaves of absence, etc.

Our attorneys routinely provide these services to union and non-union employers, and clients of all sizes across a multitude of industries.

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