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Our attorneys frequently counsel clients on constitutional law issues and represent clients in constitutional litigation, particularly in matters arising under the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. These cases involve the limits of freedom of speech in and out of the workplace, religious freedom, due process, workplace searches and investigations, equal protection and other civil rights. We also represent public sector clients in cases alleging police misconduct. Our attorneys handle these cases in state and federal courts.

Our attorneys also advise public sector entities on the limitations the Illinois Constitution places on their ability to address labor, employment, and benefits issues, including the limitations the Illinois Constitution imposes on a public sector entity’s ability to spend public funds, change retiree benefits, and exercise home rule powers.


Below is a representative list of the types of issues on which we offer counsel and provide litigation services to our clients in the area of constitutional law:

Free speech and free exercise of religion, including political discourse and social media use.

Procedural and substantive due process.

Representation of public sector entities when retirees claim their retiree pension or healthcare benefits have been diminished in violation of the Illinois Constitution.

Workplace searches, including physical property and electronic media (emails, text messages, and social media) and investigations.

Equal protection due to race, national origin, religion, disability and gender.

Violations of Constitutional Rights under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act.

Alleged police misconduct including unlawful or false arrest, search and seizure, excessive force, and/or profiling.

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