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Staying Ahead of the COVID-19 Pandemic Presented Unique Challenges to Employers

Peter Gillespie
The SciTech Lawyer, Winter 2021

Employers who have grappled with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the steps to be taken to protect their employees may recall that it was not all that long ago that the conventional wisdom was that face coverings were unnecessary and that a good hand-washing technique (twenty seconds) would be effective to control the spread of the virus.1Since then, information about the virus has included revised theories about whether the virus can be spread based on surface contacts, whether the virus is airborne, and, most recently, whether the use of a mask protects both the wearer and those around them. Employers (and the lawyers who advise them) have needed to grapple with significant uncertainty, considerable anxiety, and changing guidelines on how to reduce the risk of widespread illness in the workplace. 

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