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9 things HR needs to know to curb bullying at work- HR Dive

Pamela DeLoatch
HR Dive

Not illegal — just expensive

Bullying and harassment share similar traits of severe or pervasive and unwelcome conduct that creates a hostile work environment.

Although harassment is against the law, bullying is not, You don't pay attention to it until it touches your life," one expert told HR Dive, "but we can't wait until everyone has been personally bullied in order to make it stop."

Heather Becker, partner at Laner Muchin, told HR Dive in an email. "The difference would be that bullying can happen to anyone for any reason. Technically, unlawful harassment is conduct that occurs because of an individual's protected characteristic, such as gender, race, national origin," she said.

Bills that would prohibit workplace bullying have been introduced in at least 30 states but none have been made law.

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