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OSHA's December 1, 2017 Deadline For Submitting 2016 Injury And Illness Reports Electronically Is Upon Us

Pete Gillespie

As indicated in our June 2017 Fast Laner, OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements were substantially revised under the prior administration to require electronic reporting of injury and illness data, a decision that generated substantial controversy. Despite a few hiccups along the way, OSHA’s current December 1, 2017 electronic reporting deadline for larger employers remains in effect. Under this standard, covered employers with 250 or more employees, as well as employers with 20 to 249 employees in certain “high risk” industries need to submit 2016 OSHA injury and illness data through OSHA’s online web portal. Employers subject to these requirements should review OSHA’s website carefully before attempting to submit required forms, in order to reduce the chance of possible headaches with the process.


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