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EEOC Resumes Issuing Charge Closure Documents

Elizabeth Rice

The EEOC announced on August 3, 2020 that it will resume issuing charge closure documents after suspending this service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Prior to this, the EEOC had temporarily suspended issuance of these documents as of March 21, 2020, unless a charging party requested they be sent.  Over the next six to eight weeks, the EEOC will begin issuing charge closure documents and Right to Sue Notices for charges held in suspense and for charge resolutions occurring after August 3, 2020.  All notices will be issued by mail, in chronological order, beginning with those that have been in suspense the longest.

Charging parties who receive a Right to Sue Notice must file a lawsuit within 90 days of receipt of the Notice.  Employers waiting for the resolution of a suspended charge should be on the lookout for these Notices and for potential further action by charging parties.

If you have any questions or concerns about a pending charge with the EEOC, please contact your servicing Laner Muchin attorney.

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