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No Exceptions

At Laner Muchin, we're the nation's only law firm that returns clients' phone calls and e-mails within two hours or less.  No exceptions.  In the 70 years we've been in business, it's how we've always done it.

We didn't set that standard because it's easy - it isn't.  We do it because it's important to our clients.  Which makes it important to us.

So that's it.  Two Hours. Faster, if you need us.  Contact us anytime with a problem that requires immediate attention, and we'll be there for you.  No voice mail purgatory.

Laner Muchin returns your call or e-mail within two hours.  Period.

Even if one of us is on trial or in negotiations or a deposition or on a plane, there will be another attorney available to you whenever you call.  Our two-hour commitment is our promise to dedicate ourselves to the profession's highest level of responsiveness.

Wouldn't it be nice to work with a top-notch lawyer who tried cases instead of your patience?

Take the Laner Muchin Challenge

If you are currently represented by a different law firm, you can experience the Laner Muchin difference.  Take the Laner Muchin Challenge:

Call your current lawyer and leave a message to return your call.  Wait an hour or two (to give your lawyer a decent head start), then call one of our lawyers and leave the same message.  See who calls you back first; we're betting it will be us.  If it's not us, we'll buy you lunch and donate $100 to your favorite charity.

Laner Muchin.  Two Hours.  Period.

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