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DOL Solicitor General States That New FLSA Regulations May Not Be Implemented Until Late 2016

Debrai Haile

At a recent American Bar Association Conference in Philadelphia, the United States Department of Labor's Solicitor General announced that the much-anticipated new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations would likely not be implemented until late 2016. The Solicitor General noted that the proposed FLSA regulations had generated around 270,000 comments and this development, along with the complexity of implementing the regulations, would take substantial time. As explained in detail in a recent article in The Fast Laner, these proposed FLSA regulations, among other things, substantially increase the minimum salary an employee needs to earn to qualify for an overtime exemption, resulting in potentially millions of new employees becoming eligible for overtime pay. These regulations had been expected to be implemented, at the latest, in early 2016. The delay is good news for employers as it will give them additional time to prepare for their eventual implementation.


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