General Labor and Employment/Human Resources Services

This Firm’s general labor and employment practice encompasses virtually every aspect of labor and employment law. Attorneys working within this group regularly represent clients before governmental agencies including, but not limited to, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the United States Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, as well as state and local agencies that administer and enforce labor and employment laws. 

Our general labor and employment practice also includes advising and counseling clients concerning compliance with all applicable labor and employment laws, representation in matters involving labor unions and a broad range of human resources issues.  The attorneys within this group typically function as “hands on” business advisors and strategists who regularly are asked to weigh-in on employment issues and human resources policies and practices.  In many cases, clients opt to engage us for such matters on a non-traditional, full service, fixed fee basis.  These types of fee relationships encourage clients to call us frequently at times when we are often able to provide advice that reduces or eliminates the likelihood of costly litigation and other legal risks.  Among the services offered are:

  • Counsel regarding compliance with all federal, state and local employment laws
  • Counsel regarding employment terminations, including strategy, severance agreements, etc.
  • Drafting and revision of employment policies, contracts, non-compete, confidentiality and other restrictive covenants
  • Counsel regarding union organizing campaigns
  • Collective bargaining
  • Grievance administration
  • Arbitrations
  • Mediations
  • Mergers and acquisitions including participation in all aspects of the due diligence process regarding labor, employment and benefits issues, as well as post-transaction advice and counsel
  • Plant closings, mass layoffs, WARN issues
  • Development of affirmative action plans and related compliance issues

Human Resources Services

In many instances, the most appropriate solution to an employee relations problem is a long-range program with a number of components, and many clients do not have a staff that can accomplish this independently.  As a result, we are available to provide a wide range of human resources services, many of which we pioneered and are considered unique for an employment law firm. These include labor relations and benefit plan audits, management and supervisory training, surveys to assess the desirability of sites for new facilities and economic research and analysis.  Thus, when our clients need us to do so, we are more than lawyers, we are hands-on consultants in human resources management.

Wage, Salary and Benefits Administration

We perform or provide assistance in performing wage, salary and employee benefit surveys to help our clients plan changes in these important areas and attract and retain quality employees. We assist management in understanding the data and putting it to use in a cost-effective and positive manner.  We also help plan relevant communications to explain any changes in a positive and easily understandable manner.


Employee Benefit Plan Audits

We review plan documents and practices to identify structural and operational compliance. Many audits reveal potential corrections or adjustments that are an effective means of eliminating tax liability and other government imposed sanctions.

Labor Relations Audits

Interviewing management personnel on a confidential basis to learn actual or potential employee relations problems and potential legal risks is a unique service of the Firm. Many of our clients use the results of our labor relations audits to implement litigation avoidance strategies as well as to assess morale and to make long-range plans concerning compensation and employee benefit administration, management organization, supervisory training, etc.

Employment Practices Audits

We review employee forms, files, policies, procedures and employment practices to identify and correct potential exposure to liability under state and federal wage and hour, discrimination and leave of absence laws and employment contracts.

I-9 Audits

We review our clients' employee files and records to ensure compliance with federal immigration laws.

Management and Supervisory Training

Educating managerial and supervisory personnel about how to avoid costly employment claims as well as key management techniques such as effective motivation, discipline administration, communications listening skills and complaint resolution are important components in maintaining positive employee relations. We accomplish this through a variety of methods including seminars, role play, workbooks and training films.

Employee Communications

We assist our clients in designing and implementing communications programs using employee handbooks, employee newspapers or newsletters, letters from upper level management and other proven media. We can also help with special communications to employees, such as speeches or texts for group meetings.

Employee Relations Strategy Development

More than seven decades of experience have taught us that it is essential to develop both short and long term strategies governing employee relations. We design (or, assist in the design of) such strategies for our clients, taking into account the results of labor relations audits, wage and benefit administration, employee communications, union relationships (where applicable) and our clients' bottom line goals. As an added component, we are available to help train management and supervisory personnel to implement these programs with skill and measurable effectiveness.

Personnel Functions

Many of our smaller and medium sized clients do not have a significant in-house human resources team, so they look to us to assist them with services such as recruitment and selection of managerial, clerical and production personnel; development of personnel policies, supervisory manuals and employee handbooks; Total Quality Management programs; productivity and employment cost control; and installation and maintenance of health insurance, pension and deferred income programs.

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